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Contributing to the project

13. Contributing to the project

When submitting a contribution, please clearly identify its copyright holder and include any applicable licensing statement. Note that to be accepted, the contribution must be licensed under the same license as the rest of the documents, namely, GPL version 3 or later.

Contributions to the project, such as translations and patches, are greatly welcome. Anyone can send merge requests. The projects are hosted on Salsa: ‹› follow Salsa's documentation for instructions on how to contribute.

Even though all commits might be revised, we ask you to use your common sense and make good commits with good commit messages.

13.1 Translation of man pages

You can also contribute to the project working on the translation of the man pages for the different live-* packages that the project maintains. The procedure is different depending on whether you are starting a translation from scratch or continue working on an already existing one:

If you want to maintain the translation of an already existing language you have to make your changes to your manpages/po/${LANGUAGE}/*.po file or files and then run make rebuild from inside the manpages/ directory. This will update the actual man pages in manpages/${LANGUAGE}/*

In order to add a new translation of any of the project's man pages you have to follow a similar procedure. It could be summarized as follows:

Remember that you will have to add all the directories and files, then make the commit and finally push to the git server.

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